Get Covered California

A project supported by The California Endowment, Get Covered California aims to alert and educate young adult Californians, ages 18–26, about the new health care laws and how to become insured. They requested a logo that would represent health care and California in a playful way to appeal to Generation Y. Jump to the web section to see social media pages.

Peaceful Body Pilates

A private pilates studio in San Francisco, Peaceful Body Pilates requested a logo inspired by nature, personal transformation, and the relaxing yet active style of a pilates workout. Colorful illustration and a touch of feminity were requested components. Click here to view sketches from the logo development process.

Video in a Minute

Video in a Minute creates videos for clients to use in email campaigns and on their websites. Clients are urged to keep videos to a minute and a half in length, and the company aims to keep the turn-around production time very fast, as is reflected in the company logo depicting a clock or timer.

VARIOUS LOGOS Peaceful Body Pilates logo process sketches Peacful Body Pilates logo process sketches